Duke de Richelieu was a prominent statesman during the Bourbon Restoration, and served as a ranking officer in Russian Emperial Army. Appointed as Odessa’s governor in 1803, he greatly contributed to city’s development, and in few years managed to make Odessa third largest city in the whole of Russian Empire. Grateful Odessans erected a Monument to honor Duke’s contribution in 1828.  The statue faces the ever-famous Potemkin Steps and greets the ships visiting Odessa’s harbor. Locals of all generations really love the Duke and hold it as the prime meeting and dating place! Till now the Statue is a regular participant of all city’s festivals: on April Fool’s Day  Duke ‘wears’ cute sailor’s cap, and in Jazz Days tries on the costume of Ellington. Make a wish at the Duke’s Monument or, if you want to make a fortune, touch the sculpture’s bag of money, hugely famous with tourists